Frédéric Séguin, freelance photojournalist born and based in Montreal. International Business graduate from HEC Montreal and former co-founder of the organization Shoot to Help.

Having already traveled in more than 35 countries and lived abroad, my experiences and meetings gave me a rich cultural background that translates in my pictures.  Initially, my photographic vision was oriented towards travel; the places before the persons. Throughout the years, I came to realize the power of the human eye and through it, the direct path to the soul of a person. More and more, my artistic process focused on capturing and showing these emotions.

April 26th 2015 was the date of the earthquake in Nepal where I was a witness and almost a victim. During this difficult period overcast with the shadow of fear, the solidarity and resilience of a nation had a catalyzing effect on my work. I realized how strong a human being can be in the hardest situation and how moving it was to see this reality. I decided to focus on a humanist visual from now on.

Through disasters, man-made or natural, I aim to show the positive and human side of these stories. Raising awareness and communicating hope through the eyes across borders is too seldom seen in mass media. I want to stray from sensationalism and pity to show the soul through the eyes and smiles of the people instead of showing only the victims.

In this vision of integrating a positive point of view to inspire hope I pursued my work in my most recent project with the refugees in Europe and Middle East. This last project aiming to humanize the refugees was the consecration of my unique artistic and photo-journalistic approach and the beginning of a long term vision. I will explore the world searching for these moments, issues and causes that need a messenger of hope.