Refugee Story - The New Life

They crossed many borders and thousands of kilometers not only to reach a destination but to be able to start a new life. What really happens at the final goal of the journey? Is everything perfect? Is the European dream finally at reach?

These pictures taken in Germany present different points of views of the hardship of the new life as well as the possibilities of integration. 

Taking care of his two sleeping brothers, this brave refugee boy waits for their turn to get registered in the camp of LaGeSo, Berlin, Germany.

Refugees wait in line for hours in the cold nights of Berlin to have a chance to be registered at the LaGeSo camp. The tents are heated for the nights but people are forced outside. Berlin, Germany.

Temporary centers such as this one in Eberswalde serve as a shelter until refugees are assigned proper apartments. Eberwaslde, Germany.

In these shelters, refugees are provided with accomodation, minimum income and German language classes. It is extremely important for kids to be able to receive some basic education as well. Eberswalde, Germany.

A man walks down the stairs of an apartment building partially reserved for refugees. Long term accommodation is assigned when there is enough availability. Eberswalde, Germany.

Refugees live up to three together with others from their countries and can finally live a more normal life. Just being able to cook for yourself or have a place to call home was something crucially missing for them. Eberswalde, Germany.

"I'm just talking to my mother!" Some things remain the same, wherever you come from, whatever you've been through, you still call your mom! Eberswalde, Germany.

Salim proudly shows a newspaper he's featured in. He wished to give back to German people by helping out and volunteering as a computer engineer and the mayor of Eberswalde thanked him in person. Eberswalde, Germany.

"I love to go around the park at this time of the day. There's always someone with whom to play ping-pong or basketball, local people or refugees. If I don't know anyone, I just introduce myself and start talking." -Salim, from Syria. Eberswalde, Germany.

Salim playing basketball in the park with one fellow refugee and four local Germans. Sport is a universal language that anyone can speak. The integration of refugees in this little town is going splendidly. Eberswalde, Germany.

A family takes a walk in the park, enjoying the autumn leaves, as far away from the bombs as possible. Eberswalde, Germany.