Refugee Story - The Help

Anonymous heroes are selflessly giving their time and energy helping the refugees. Sometimes locals, sometimes traveling from the other side of the world, these people are touched by the struggle of those victims of the conflicts in their own countries.

Some of these heroes are from well known NGOs and others get together spontaneously to provide donations, skills and time. I wish to congratulate all of those heroes saving lives tirelessly and attempt to honor them through my images.

Refugees are given packed food by NuN Civil Association as they arrive in the transit camp of Gevgelija. In most cases, the only food they will eat along their journey will come from NGOs and volunteers associations. Gevgelija, Macedonia (FYROM).

A Greek restaurant owner living on Lesvos Island watches the sea for arriving boats between two customers. Many of the locals are very supportive towards refugees and volunteers associations and will help in different ways. Lesvos Island, Greece.

Volunteers from Islamic Relief await on the shores of Skala Sikamineas to help the incoming boats. Most of the people from this organisation also speak Arabic which is incredibly useful to translate and communicate with refugees. Lesvos Island, Greece.

A lifeguard from the Spanish team of Proactiva Open Arms rescues a child from an arriving boat. This team of lifeguards does an amazing job saving people in the dangerous waters of the Aegean Sea days and nights. Skala Sikamineas, Lesvos Island, Greece.

Rayyan, the Malaysian hero who started The Volunteer Cook is giving warm soup and tea to the refugees who just arrived minutes ago from the sea. Smiles and hugs are of course complimentary. Skala Sikamineas, Lesvos Island, Greece.

A volunteer from Starfish Foundation is preparing sandwiches to be given to refugees in the camps. All the work behind spotlights such as preparing food is also crucial. Molyvos, Lesvos Island, Greece.

Volunteers from Islamic Relief USA are working in the transit camps as translators and coordinators, helping tremendously with communicating with refugees. OXY Camp, Lesvos Island, Greece.

The team of Volunteers Coordination Lesvos is cleaning the shores of Skala Sikamineas from the mountains of life jackets that are dropped after refugees land on the island. Lesvos Island, Greece.

A doctor from the Macedonian Red Cross is helping a refugee who got hurt along the journey. Medical teams in the camps provide vital support to the refugees. Gevgelija, Macedonia (FYROM).

A young girl plays in the UNICEF tent, an area designed and reserved only for kids to play and spend time thinking about something else. Gevgelija, Macedonia (FYROM).

A group of refugees waits in front of a shelter provided by UNHCR. The High Commission for the Refugees from the UN is the organisation that provides most of the shelters in the camps in many countries. Gevgelija, Macedonia (FYROM).

Two volunteers from Clowns without Borders entertain the young and the adults in the middle of the transit camp of Gevgelija. The journey is too often difficult and moments of happiness like these are much welcomed by the refugees. Gevgelija, Macedonia (FYROM).

Two volunteers carry food as the rain pours down on them. Refugees continue to travel even in the harshest weather conditions, so do the volunteers. Gevgelija, Macedonia (FYROM).