Most important thing in life

There is one single important thing in life and that is to feel accomplished as a person. For that, you need to first know what you like, what makes you accomplished, what fulfills your life; what makes you itch. Do not think about what society tells you to like, do not think about what you would do with more money, think about what you would do as a human being that would make you fundamentally happy, that would make you proud of your life when you get old.

This is the hardest part of the journey, to decide of the destination. Do not try to reach a destination only because society tells you to go there, think first. Do not worry about how to get there at first. Start by knowing where you want to go and forget about where you supposedly need to go.

Once you find this, once you find what you like and what you want to do with your life, stop asking yourself questions, do it. Stop hesitating, stop postponing it. If you fundamentally know what would make you happy in life and if you are not actively working towards achieving this goal, then, in a way, it means you are not actively working to be fully happy and accomplished as a person. You need to start working towards your goal as soon as possible, if not, you are wasting some of your precious time and believe me, time flies.

I know I know, do not even start shooting me all these serious grown up reasons. I know them all, not enough time, too tired, you need money in life to pay your bills, you have a house to pay, a car, responsibilities and oh god so much more. There really is no time to be happy with all those things. I completely agree with you, modern way of life is designed not to give us much time to do anything else than work and consume. No time to think about what makes us happy or how to achieve it or even start to achieve it. If you do not have time to try to live the life you really want and really dream of, than what’s the point of doing all those things you do not fundamentally live for?

To sum it up; know yourself, realize what would make you happy and accomplished in life, think about how to achieve this goal and stop making excuses and start working towards it. If not, what’s the point?

PS. If you’re still stuck at the first step, there’s a very effective solution; TRAVEL. It’s the best way to learn to know yourself.

As featured in 2015 on Shoot to Help.