Refugee crisis in Greece 2016: the different stories

As a photojournalist, I went to Greece this summer to document the current state of the refugee crisis three months after the deal with Turkey.  The direct result of this pact was the immediate closure of European borders and for the more than 50 000 refugees left in Greece, to be stuck in the country. Through pictures and captions I told the stories of what I witnessed in different photo essays each covering a specific subject.


Greece 2016; an overview of the situation of the refugee crisis

This photo essay shows the situation in the recent times in Greece, from the South to the Northern border of the country and going by Lesvos Island.

Journey in Stagnation

Journey in Stagnation is a photo essay showing the evolution of the refugee crisis through the contrasts between the situation in Greece before and after the deal between Turkey and European Union.

Smiles in Exile 2016

Human hope is always stronger than despair and you can find the brightest smiles in the darkest corners. A series of positive pictures humanizing the refugees through their hopes and smiles.



Idomeni, refugee camp at the border between Greece and Macedonia has seen its 15 000 residents relocated in official camps throughout the country. What remains is an empty field. EmptIdomeni is a photographic essay and an ode to these past lives and stories.

The Camps

This photo essay gives a brief overview of 13 different camps throughout Greece as I have witnessed them.

Eyes of Exile 2016

Intimate portraits showing the souls and difficult history of refugees through their eyes.

What's left of the garbage issue on Lesvos

Beaches of Lesvos are cleaned but the issue of the garbage is not fully resolved yet. The images of the ecological issue on Levos Island.